Individual Phototours

Primery forests

In the Ukrainian Carpathians, the largest areas of pristine forest of Central and Eastern Europe with a high degree of biodiversity are found. If you want to find out what a real forest should look like is practically unaffected by human activity, this tour is for you. The map of primary forest you can see here

The dates: whole year


Dzharylgach Island is located in the least altered part of the Black Sea in the Kherson region. The sea and the coastline look like 2000 years ago, when it was first described by the ancient Greeks. It is the largest non-inhabited island of Europe with an area of more than 5,000 hectares. It is a world of birds and steppes, as well as a large number of deer and moufflons. Is a part of the national park “Dzharilgatsky”.

The dates: May-September

Mizhrichinsky regional landskape park

In just 2 hours from Kyiv you can find yourself in the true heart of Ukrainian nature – in the Mizhrichinsky Regional Landscape Park. The highlight of the park is a huge swamp with a lot of rare species and the Desna River is the only unregulated large river in Europe, where you can see a large number of rare birds and flowers. More information about park is here

The dates: whole year

In addition, you can take pictures from a specially equipped shelter gray cranes (March-April) and white-tailed eagles (November-April).

If you want to see a new type of birds, Ukraine is a great place for this. Write us what kind species of interest you. Here you can find some.

Orchids and other rare plants
If you are interested in taking pictures of flowers, then we know a large number of points of rare species. See the list please

European bisons

In national park “Skolivsky Beskydy” (Lviv region) you can see and take great pictures  (from very small distance)  one of the biggest animal in Europe – bisons.

The dates: December-March


In the national park Dvorichansky is a great opportunity to experience the true steppe nature and observe the life of large steppe rodents – marmots, which  live nowhere else in the world, except Kazakhstan and Russia.

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